Asics wins Bronze Lion with interactive print ad

eingereicht von: Ulbe Jelluma 30/06/2017

Brazilian advertising agencies always score well on innovative print advertisements. We have shown examples of Nivea and Coca-Cola demonstrating the power of a print ad. This time Asics uses a print ad to help consumers to chose the right shoe.

Asics helps consumers in their choice of the right show by showing three different types of feet. In order to compare your own feet with one of these three types, the company uses thermochromic inks on the advertisement. When placing your (warm) feet on the pages your footprint will be shown as the ink will change colour. By comparing your personal footprint with the three standard types Asics facilitates the choice of shoe. 

Thermochromic inks exist for many years, however appropriate and relevant use in advertising is not frequent. This advertisement, awarded with a Bronze Lion at the 2017 Cannes Festival of Creativity, demonstrates the power of creativity in print ads.


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