Bank used direct mail to increase ROI

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first national bank


First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) is a national credit card issuer that sought to increase sales opportunities for its corporate credit card programme marketed through other banks. FNBO needed to get their message in front of senior decision makers. In order to result in a notable increase in site visits, sales meetings, advertising effectiveness and ROI. 

The Bank needed a solution that would ensure receipt by senior decision makers, create enough buyer interest to justify a sales meeting, instantly convey the value proposition, and pave the way for sales follow-up. Furthermore, they needed a cost-effective solution that would be flexible to accommodate multiple bank brands, card types, offers, and disclosures. 

Das Beispiel

To maximise their budget, FNBO needed a highly targeted mailing list that would minimise quantities and therefore production and mailing expense. The Bank identified their top prospect companies and decision makers within those companies. Each contact was verified prior to mailing to ensure accuracy. A 3D direct mail package was created to ensure receipt by senior decision makers.

It was mailed in a blind off-the-shelf box. When opened, recipients saw a ribbon-wrapped gift box. The box contained a credit card shaped USB flash drive, a personalized letter with an overview of the benefits of the corporate cards, and a meeting incentive offer. To minimise costs, all the materials were made using off-the-shelf items that were customised using digital production techniques. The flash drive imitating the bank card contained a pdf file with educational content describing the benefits of a corporate card programme. This card ultimately becomes a keeper item, which sales people referred to during follow-up. 


  • The direct mail campaign created a 32% unique visitor landing page rate. 
  • 20% of these responders agreed to meet with bankers to discuss their needs
  • 23% of these meetings led to a successful sale. 
  • Using three-year projected revenue to calculate ROI, the bank saw a return on marketing investment of nearly 1100%.

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