Great Western Railway: Door Drop Media

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Great Western Railway wanted to create more journeys.

Calling on the humble door drop, they set out to inspire passengers and help them find new and unusual destinations. 



Das Beispiel

Havas helia Cirencester knew that, according to the IPA, successful door drops have long life span, with 39% of people saying they have a dedicated area for display of mail, usually in the kitchen. 

The campaign would target not only new leisure users, but also current business commuters, with the goal of persuading them to take the train for different, more inspiring experiences than their usual daily grinds.

Although the team concentrated on areas around 'home' stations, they also wanted to suggest destinations a little further away on the Great Western Railway network that were still easily accessible - broadening the horizons of passengers and getting them to revalue what travelling by train truly brings in the process.

The team created a 'keepable' door drop, with a 'stick it on the fridge' factor they knew would be important to the campaign's success.

The design theme was built on the current trend of 'staycations' and the search for new experience, especially by younger travellers. While the playfulness of the graphics conveyed the simple joys of travelling by train.

Content was eye-catching and inspiring, bringing to life the notion of 'adventure starts here'. Suggested 'off-piste' destinations such as 'The Marrs Bar in Worcester' were added to get recipients to think again about what could be experienced with a trip on the train.

Stickers were also added to the piece, which could be peeled off and re-stuck on destinations which had been 'ticked off the bucket list' prompting a longer stay on the fridge, and an integration of Great Western Rail into family life, thus heightening the chance of repeat custom.


Geo-location was used to measure effectiveness across the pre and post-campaign periods. 

  • From the 3 key drop regions of Penzance, Cardiff and Oxford, there was a transactional uplift of 23%, 7% and 20% respectively over a period of 42 days after the door drop.
  • DMA Awards 2017 Silver Winner for best use of Door Drops

Source: DMA