Kit Kat mail hologram

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Markenname: Nestle          Agentur: JWT


In Japan, the name Kit Kat sounds similar to the Japanese phrase "Kitto Katsu", which means "will surely win". The brand had been thought of for many years as a good luck charm for students preparing for exams. They were often given to students by family, friends and teachers. 
Examinations were not about competing with others but about the students facing themselves. Kit Kat wanted the students to know that while they were dealing with anxiety and pressure, they did not have to feel completely alone.

Das Beispiel

Special Kit Kats were sold nationwide just before entrance exams. The packaging allowed friends and families to write supportive messages which they could then post to their loved ones.
Inside the package was a pyramid screen, as well as a Kit Kat bar. When this was placed on a smart phone and a YouTube video made by pop group DISH// played, the group turned into a singing, dancing hologram. The student would immediately be cheered by the words of encouragement from the band.
Awareness of the product was raised online through Kit Kat's Facebook page as well as in post-offices across the country.



  • The special Kit Kat Hologram packs sold out.
  • Students who received Kit Kats went onto social media in their thousands to share the experience.
  • Total number of Tweets: 33,304 within one month of launch.
  • Sales increased 150%.

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