La Gomme à Mâcher, Air France Chewing Gum

eingereicht von: Print Power 12/12/2017



As all travellers know, take-off and landing can sometimes cause pain in the ears. The cabin pressure varies and can block passengers' ears. Chewing can be enough to balance this internal ear pressure and make the flight more comfortable. 

Das Beispiel

For Air France, caring about every detail of their customers' flights was paramount. Even managing 'popping' ears. Air France created its very own French chewing gum, available in two distinctively and typically French flavours, pistachio-macaroon and crème brûlée. The gum was made in France and was 100% natural. It was offered on flights from Paris to the USA and Mexico and was on offer in Air France lounges at Paris Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports. To raise awareness of this 'savoir faire' approach to passenger relations, packs of the gum were mailed to journalists and influencers. In addition, the experience was translated to Snapchat as well, with a Gomme à Mâcher lens.


  • 40,000 packs of the gum were sold within a week and 30,000 mailed and given away.
  • There were over 25 million media impressions and 6 million views of the launch video.

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