'Made of London'

eingereicht von: Print Power 25/07/2017

Markenname: Fuller, Smith & Turner         Agentur: UM Worldwide


Millennials have thought for many years that London Pride lacked the authenticity of craft beers. Fuller, Smith & Turner needed to get those particular audience on their side and to show that the brand is modern, relevant and engaging with this generation.

Das Beispiel

Fuller’s has been brewing beer next to the Thames since 1845. But millennials thought it was just another faceless corporation. They preferred ‘authentic’ local craft breweries. 

UM Worldwide worked closely with Fuller and established that it will be a clever idea to retell the Fuller’s story, positioning London Pride as London’s original craft beer, brewed locally by real Londoners for real Londoners.

Key to the multichannel campaign was a series of intimate ‘Made of London’ live events at historic Fuller’s pubs across London. At each event, famous, yet down-to-earth, Londoners – like trend-setting TV host Jo Wiley and David Haye told stories about growing up in the capital, and shared a pint of London Pride with the locals. They further promoted the events in The Evening Standard, London’s best-read free quality daily, shared video highlights online, and ran profiles of real Londoners in print and online.

They also launched a daily taste test on social. All you had to do was tweet and follow London Pride at 12pm, the traditional tasting time in the brewery, to get a free pint. There was an extension of the campaign with additional social content about the Fuller’s story, and with ads in local print and outdoor billboards and posters.


  • ‘Made of London’ was The Evening Standard’s most shared campaign to date.
  • 34% of readers who saw the print campaign bought a pint of London Pride
  • 1,600 people claimed a free pint in our daily taste test
  • Fuller’s’ on-trade sales increased 6% in the first 33 weeks of 2015
  • Fuller’s’ revenues rose 10% in the first 26 weeks of 2015

eingereicht von: UM Worldwide