Tropicana restores reputation through newspaper advertising

eingereicht von: Zainab Pirzada 24/04/2017

Markenname: Tropicana        


Tropicana partnered with The Telegraph to split the facts from the fiction in the sugar debate and get a glass of Tropicana back on the breakfast table of families in the UK. The sugar debate meant a drastic decline in Tropicana sales with the ABC1 over 45s market hit the hardest, as the demographic moved towards reduced-sugar alternatives. Therefore Tropicana and OMD UK's objective was to encourage heavy juice drinkers to reappraise the role of juice in their lives with the message: 'a small glass of juice gives a lot of what you need'.

Das Beispiel

Reaching over 20% of the ABC1 over 45s audience, The Telegraph were perfectly suited to restoring Tropicana's reputation in the market. Creative agency AMV BBDO created the 'Little Glass' character ensuring a fun and engaging personality came through in each print and digital execution.

Tropicana put together a high impact campaign across six of The Telegraph's paper sections as well as their website and social channels. In print, Tropicana had orange adverts running through The Telegraph for three months, including a full takeover of the Weekend section, nine content features across Telegraph Magazine, Weekend and Living, and a 70 day tenancy of the back page weather strip. Online, content included a blog by Arabella Weir, focused on a series of early morning challenges.

High frequency, bite-size messaging was in line with the campaign message to drink smaller glasses of Tropicana every day to make the most of the health benefits.


  • Over an 80% uplift in people saying the campaign drove them to buy Tropicana more often
  • Over 40% of readers have taken action as a result of seeing the campaign
  • A 10% increase in Telegraph readers drinking Tropicana
  • 100% uplift in readers believing that Tropicana was worth paying more for

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